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          1. YD9880

            Self-calibration,Self-diagnostic Withstanding voltage、imsulation resistance and grounding resistance programmable safety test
            Amiable interface.Adopting 240×128 LCD display.
            Programmable test mode
            50 memories units with 4 set parameters in each,one time setup for continuous test
            Programmable voltage rise time for breakdown point
            Over-zero starting and over-zero cut off prevent damage of component under test
            Optional HANDLER interface,RS232C operation software

            Withstanding Voltage Test   Specifications
            ACOutput Voltage Range0.5kV-5kV
            Voltage Resolution10V
            Voltage Accuracy3%
            Voltage Frequency50Hz\60Hz selectable
            Max Output Current40mA
            Current Setting0.01mA-40mA
            Current Resolution1μA
            Current Accuracy3%
            DCOutput Voltage Range0.5kV-6kV
            Voltage Resolution10V
            Voltage Accuracy3%
            Max Output Current10mA
            Current Setting0.01mA-10mA
            Current Resolution1μA
            Current Accuracy3%
            Insulation Resistance Test   Specifications
            IRVoltage Measurement Range100V-1000V DC
            Voltage Resolution1V
            Voltage Accuracy±(3% of reading +3V)
            Resistance Measurement Range1 MΩ-9999MΩ
            Resistance Measurement Accuracy10%
            Resistance High-Limit Setting1 MΩ-9999MΩ
            Resistance Low-Limit Setting1 MΩ-9999MΩ
            Grounding Resistance Test   Specifications
            GROutput Voltage Range3V-8V AC
            Voltage Frequency50Hz,60Hz selectable
            Output Current Range3A-30A AC
            Current Resolution0.01A
            Current Accuracy3%
            Resistance Measurement Range1 mΩ-600 mΩ
            Resistance Display Resolution1 mΩ
            Resistance Measurement Accuracy3%
            Resistance Setting Range1 mΩ-600 mΩ(3-10A)
             1 mΩ-150 mΩ(3-30A)
            Leakage Current Test Specifications (for   YD9881、YD9882 only) (YD9880a No leakage souser)
            LCVoltage Display Range100V-250V
            Voltage Display Resolution1V
            Voltage Display Accuracy3%
            Current Measurement Rauge0.01mA-20mA
            Current Resolution0.01mA(2-20) mA 0.001mA(0.001-2)mA
            Current Display Accuracy3%
            Current High-Limit Setting0.01mA-20mA
            Power Test Specifications(for YD9882   only)
            PWVoltage Display Range0-250V
            Voltage Display Resolution1V
            Current Display Range0-20A
            Current Display Resolution0.01A
            Power Display Range0-3000W
            Power Display Resolution1W
            Measurement Accuracy3%
            Run Test Specifications(for YD9882   only)
            RunVoltage Display Range0-250V
            Voltage Display Resolution1V
            Current Display Range0-20A
            Current Display Resolution0.01A
            Measurement Accuracy3%
            Other Specifications

            Display240×128 LCD display
            Measurement Time Setting1.0-999.9S
            Memories Units1-50 units (4 set parameters in each)
            Communication InterfaceRS232C , HANDLER
            Operation Temperature And Humidity0℃-40℃,≤85%RH
            Power Requirements198V-242V AC,47.5 Hz —52.5Hz
            WeightApprox  30Kg
            Copyright(C)常州市揚子電子有限公司 版權所有 蘇ICP備12014254號     技術支持:江蘇通睿
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